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High efficiency standards to guarantee product quality, hygiene and food security:
over the years BOUVARD ITALIA has improved its production and control techniques. The staff are aware that the hundred thousands cakes produced every day are evaluated individually by consumers and standard quality audits exceed the minimum requirements of the Italian and European legislation as far as hygiene and product safety are concerned.

A modern and well-equipped plant:
BOUVARD ITALIA believes in its future and invests the majority of its profits in the modernisation of facilities, in robotics, in IT, though it does not neglect measures to improve workers' security, hygiene and food safety.

Highly automated production lines:
BOUVARD ITALIA proves to be a flexible and efficient business partner by focusing on automated systems that are capable to process the most varied products and to prepare a range of packaging options to fully meet the customers' requests. Flexible production lines allow a wide ranging production and short-notice modification of quantities and assortments.

One location:
offices, research laboratories, manufacturing plant and warehouses are in one location thus guaranteeing thorough logistic and communication efficiency.
Bouvard Italia S.p.A. International Food StandardBio Agri Cert
Informativa Art. 42 Legge Comunitaria 2008
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