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BOUVARD ITALIA manufactures and distributes traditional, ethnic (Kosher), organic, refrigerated and celebration sponge-based cakes. While the Company offers its own brand name, the bulk of distribution is done under customers' private labels (large scale retailers and industrial groups).

Local funding and local management, deep roots in its territory, an international vision, organisation, working method and technology can be listed as the main assets of BOUVARD ITALIA.

The Company is fully committed to customer and quality oriented service (IFS certification). Technology and innovation are its distinguishing features. Production flexibility allows product differentiation and a prompt response to customers' requirements at competitive costs.

BOUVARD ITALIA dates back to 1962, when it was established as an industrial bakery with the name of FIDA S.a.s.. Over time it has steadily grown, settling in the domestic market first and then moving on to European countries. Meanwhile the Company's manufacturing technologies and attention to food safety standards developed to guarantee consumer and environmental protection.

During the 90s multinational corporations brought to the Company know-how and good practices that the staff have acquired and that nowadays are implemented at all levels, from management control to production.
Bouvard Italia S.p.A. International Food StandardBio Agri Cert
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